To Catch A Mermaid – Chapter Twenty

CHAPTER 20 The Thanksgiving Nerissa and I had been dozing for several hours curled on the couch with soft music when there was a sudden knock on the door. It was only 3pm and too early for my brother to drop off Thanksgiving leftovers. The storm was still blowing a lot but the snow had […]

To Catch A Mermaid – Chapter Nineteen

CHAPTER 19 The Kitchen Only buy active, live lobsters weighing from 1 1/4 to 2-1/2 pounds. Do NOT buy lethargic lobsters whose claws hang limply even if they are moving slightly. Really soft lobsters contain up to 40% water so beware and they also do not last long outside of water. To check, when buying hold […]

To Catch A Mermaid – Chapter Seventeen

CHAPTER 17 The Lone Voyager (Excepts from Joe Garland’s book Lone Voyager used.) One of the more historical, amazing and incredible tales of the entire North Atlantic maritime community is the story of a Gloucesterman named Howard Blackburn. Blackburn was a renegade who left his Nova Scotia home at a young teen age to work […]

To Catch A Mermaid – Chapter Sixteen

CHAPTER 16 The First Night All that night before Thanksgiving, I sat with my new ‘friend’ as the winds built to near hurricane force from the northeast. She cared little of the ruckus outside. Comtent in her warmth and burrowed in my grasp, she purred. The large multi-paned bay window of my “Crow’s Nest” wobbled with […]

To Catch A Mermaid — Chapter Fifteen

CHAPTER 15 The Beacons Rockport, Massachusetts was incorporated in 1840 after being part of Gloucester as the Sandy Bay colony. In 1605, explorer Samuel D. Champlain named the peninsula of Cape Ann “Cape Aux Isles” after landing near the Lands End/Whale Cove area on Rockport’s eastern shore. Cape Ann was at that time inhabited by the […]

To Catch A Mermaid – Chapter Fourteen

CHAPTER 14 The Catch It is now 2:22pm the day before Thanksgiving and we only have one more trawl to haul and it’s near the green buoy off Salvages Island, east of Straightsmouth Island. The weather is really starting to change and the steam back into port will be just in time. We have caught […]